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 Nils Kemmerling                         Axel Naß                                Mieke Ummels                     Bart Plantinga

Nils Kemmerling

Born 1975 | Degree in  Audiovisual Media / Visual Communication, Univesity of Wuppertal | 2004 – in-depth studies and Master thesis inspired by the work of “Bazon Brock” | 

Free artwork in video, photography and installation | Exhibition Design and art/Design projects | Various teaching activities

Axel Naß 

Born 1960 | Qualified 

carpenter and child educator | Free-spirited self-taught artist for more than 20 years  | Main focus: photography, sculpture, kinetics and installation |

A wide variety of  youth projects | Stage design, new media | Father of three children

Mieke Ummels 

Born 1980

Since 2004 Object designer in public space and member of the designers collective Qreamteam in Q4 Venlo. In 2006 initiated Kunst uit het Vuistje where I work together with Bart to translate art to something that children and people can understand and that arouses their enthusiasm.

Bart Platinga 

Born 1981

After working as a sound-technician for a few years I started a foundation called Kunst uit het Vuistje together with Mieke Ummels. Here I’m busy with the development of new art-education-projects with themes, varying from multimedia to sustainability to heritage. 

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